The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir Who Got Trapped in an Ikea Wardrobe, Romain Puértolas


This book tells the story of a fakir who leaves his small village in India and travels to Ikea in Paris just to buy a new bed of nails. Despite of insufficient Euros in his pockets, the fakir uses his skill to con a Gypsy taxi driver with his counterfeit 100-Euro note (printed on one side only). However, when the taxi driver finds out that he got swindled instead of the other way round, he seeks his murderous revenge. When the cat and mouse game begins, it's also the beginning of the fakir's adventurous journey after the fakir hides in a wardrobe in the IKEA store.

From a wardrobe in Paris, the fakir's journey begins in unpredictable ways as well as end up in unexpected places as well. At the same time, the gypsy never give up his revenge plan and continues chasing the fakir. Despite the fakir always end up in unlikelier places but he always finds unlikely friends who helps him a lot during his difficulties. Besides of friends, he also find his love and his passion of what to do in his life.

If there is a 0.5 for the rating, I would rate this book with 3.5/5. The story is amusing and at the same time, it reflects a lot of moral values to the readers. Probably some life lessons that we can ponder on while reading this book. If you are looking for something to read when you are travelling somewhere or a casual reading, this book will be suitable for you but if you are looking for a really good book, this depends on individual judgement whether this is a good book. As for me, it seems there is something lacking from this book which preventing me from rating it with 4 or 5 but to be honest, I have no idea what is the missing element in this story.

Rating: ★★★
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