Assassination Classroom, Vol. 3: Time for a Transfer Student (Assassination Classroom #3), Yusei Matsui


Whether a fish lives in a clear stream or a water ditch, so long as it continues swimming forward, it will grow beautifully.

Koro Sensei has prepared a comprehensive guidebook for the students which include preparation for the loneliness if they see any loving couples during the trip and what you need to do if your classmate is being kidnapped. Will the students able to save their abducted classmates (Vol. 2: Time for Grown-Ups) by following the guidebook provided by their teacher?

More professional killers are hired to kill Koro Sensei but nothing can defeat his speed when Koro Sensei can even catch a bullet with a yatsuhashi or in another occasion, a bullet is protected by a cleansing facial pad on his face. Koro Sensei can be mischievous too when he listens to students’ secrets and runs away from sharing his love stories.

Lastly, a new student who is a Norwegian robot specially designed to assassinate him has joined the class. Koro Sensei not only can improve her social skills but also can come out with a revenge plan with the students when Maehara gets humiliated by a girl for being in Class 3-E.

I really enjoyed reading this volume. This volume is better or as good as the first volume. Koro Sensei’s mischievousness and sometimes can be childlike which makes him such a loveable character. It never fails us when every time he is so considerate and caring to anyone who tries to kills him.

Strength and weakness can’t be determined by sight alone.

Rating: ★★★★
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