Sachiko: A Nagasaki Bomb Survivor's Story by Caren Stelson

I have to take a momentary break for every few pages that I’ve read. This is a heartwrenching story of Sachiko recounting her memories during the Nagasaki bombing when she was six years old. Sachiko and her sister Misa were among the 134 children that survived within 0.6 miles of the hypocenter. Sachiko’s narrative was eloquently written by Caren. Every pivotal moment was captured brilliantly and beautifully expressed in words. The story also takes into account the aftermath of the bombing, which affects Sachiko’s health. Life wasn’t easy during the second world war, but it got worse after the bombing. Despite the experiences with various hard times throughout her entire life, Sachiko determines to live her life fills with hope, forgiveness, and peace. Besides Sachiko’s account, the author has included her own research and photos as additional details related to the bombing.

The year 2021 has only just begun. And I already felt this book will be one of the most unforgettable books that I’ve read this year, and probably in my entire life.

Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)
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