I've Got You Under My Skin (Under Suspicion #1) by Mary Higgins Clark


Dr Greg Moran was killed by an unknown assailant while playing with his son on the playground. Timmy, who was three years old at that time, witnessed the killing and remembered the gunman had blue eyes. Before the gunman fled from the scene, he left a message to Timmy - "Timmy, tell your mother that she's next. Then it's your turn."

Laurie, Greg's wife, is an award-winning producer. She will launch a new series involving reenacting unsolved crimes based on the accounts of the victim's friends and relatives. The first case is about the death of a famous socialite Betsy Powell. She was found suffocated on the bed the following day after the graduation gala of her daughter and three other girls. The case remained unsolved for twenty years, and the husband, Robert Powell, determined to find the killer even after so many years.

Laurie's father, Leo, is a former deputy commissioner. He retired early after the death of his son-in-law. He appoints himself as Timmy's guardian and lives near Laurie's apartment.

Claire, Betsy's daughter and Robert's stepdaughter, was initially hesitant to accept the offer for the show as she hated her mother and loathed her stepfather. He used to keep sending money to her, but she rejected all his money. She experienced pneumonia a few months ago, which almost took her life. Having three hundred thousand dollars given by the show and Robert enables her to take some time off in Chicago as a social worker.

Regina is a real estate agent working in an office in her garage. She is divorced and has a nineteen years old son Zach. Initially, she was angry with the offer letter to participate in the reality show. However, when she thinks about her financial situation and her ex-husband is giving a lavish vacation to their son, she wishes she could do the same. She decides to take the three hundred thousand dollars and also to prove that she's not the killer.

Alison works as a pharmacist in a drugstore in Ohio after her elderly cousin retired. Her husband Rod used to be a promising quarterback working as her assistant after the hit-and-run accident causing him in a wheelchair. Like others, Alison was initially upset with the letter and didn't want to remember the night of Betsy's death. Although she was scared about the possibility of an unknown revelation, she decided to participate in the show. There were doubts and wondering whether she was sleepwalking into Betsy's room that night. Rod denied his suspicion that his wife was the killer, but inside, he doesn't sound convincing with the denial.

Nina Craig lives with her alcoholic mother and works as an extra. She left her ten-year marriage and had been single for three years. After her mother keeps pushing her to take the offer to appear in the reality show, she thinks maybe it's a stepping ladder for her to return to showbiz. Nina hates her mother, Muriel, who always blamed her for ruining her life by introducing Betsy to Robert Powell. This leads to her resentment toward Betsy when Betsy accuses Muriel of being a sore loser when Muriel is not appearing at the party. What Nina remembered about that night was Powell collapsed on the floor, and the housekeeper pulled the pillow from Betsy's face.

When Laurie expressed her concern regarding the financial situation, Robert Powell didn't hesitate to pay any amount of money to ensure the reenactment of that night at Salem Ridge will be done to get the murderer. While Laurie is discussing the financial issues in the house with Robert, the Blue Eye killer is working as a landscaper, thinking he will also be there when the Graduation girls film. He determines to get Laurie next after Greg and before Timmy.

All four girls hate Betsy, and even anyone involved with the Powell family hates both Rob Powell and Betsy. Everyone is a potential suspect for killing Betsy because of their grudges against the couple, including their housekeeper and Rob's best friend, George Curtis.

The narrative is straightforward, and the writing style is simple, not beating around the bush. There were no extra details, but the reader needs to remember the various characters with different backgrounds. The specifics are repetitive, but I'm all right with the repetition, as I need constant reminders with the details of the various characters.

The ending seemed taken lightly and ended with little detail or effort. It feels like the writer has had enough and wants the story to finish immediately. At that point, the ending doesn't matter whether it's great or bad.

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9781476749105 (eBook) 320 ★★★ (3/5)
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