All Dressed in White (Under Suspicion #3) by Mary Higgins Clark, Alafair Burke


Amanda is trying on her wedding gown with the help of her friend Kate. Amanda is still thinking about whether to proceed with the wedding. When she sees a stain on the wedding dress, she wonders whether that is a sign that encourages her to vanish without a trace before the wedding.

Five and a half years later, Sandra Pierce reaches Laurie Moran to look for her missing daughter Amanda. Laurie is a producer for the famous reality-based television show - Under Suspicion. Now that the show was a hit, many people have been reaching for them to solve their problems or fix every injustice.

The media calls Amanda "The Runaway Bride" after she disappeared on the morning before the big day. Most people believe that Amanda chose to run away because her driving licence was missing from her purse. Sandra is hopeful that her daughter is still alive and that the truth will be a closure for her.

Sandra tries her best to convince Laurie to reenact the case of her missing daughter. She reveals that Amanda's fiance Jeff was suspicious due to the reason for hiring a lawyer and refused to talk to the police after a week of Amanda's disappearance even though Jeff is a lawyer himself. Jeff almost lost his job after returning to New York because some prosecutors believed he was involved in Amanda's disappearance. Due to Amanda's wealthy family background, her father, Walter, insisted on having a prenuptial agreement. Amanda later wrote a will in which she left her trust fund worth two million dollars to Jeff. Sandra also suspects Jeff was unfaithful to Amanda because he has a relationship with Meghan White, the maid of honour. Meghan, who introduced Amanda to Jeff, is now Mrs Jeff Hunter. They got married barely a year after Amanda's disappearance.

Besides Jeff, Amanda's sister Charlotte also is a possible suspect. There was a sibling rivalry between them to prove their capabilities to their father in taking over the family business. There is also another rumour that there was an argument between Amanda and Meghan when Meghan accused Amanda of stealing her idea and implementing it into the business.

This story is boring because it's too repetitive. The same details are mentioned several times from the beginning of the book. It's not as exciting as the last two stories in the series.

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9781501108570 (eBook) 288 ★ (1/5)
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