The Client, John Grisham


Here are some of my favourite quotes from the book:

"It’s amazing how lies grow. You start with a small one that seems easy to cover, then you get boxed in and tell another one. Then another. People believe you at first, and they act upon your lies, and you catch yourself wishing you’d simply told the truth."

"There were two things ham and egg lawyers did not have at their offices – cash and security devices. They locked their doors, and that was it.

Killers had to be cold-blooded and patient.

Lawyers wear their loss of sleep like a badge of honor.

Cameras and reporters attract lawyers like blood attracts sharks.

The Mafia is an invisible army with plenty of soldiers.

Adults could be so dumb at times.

One good thing about jail is that it allows you to think a lot.

Rating: ★★★
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