Savage Blood, Alex Chance


I have just finished reading the book 'Savage Blood' by Alex Chance. I felt this is an unusual thriller story compared to others which usually have a strong attachment to the main plot and repetitive from the beginning until the ending of the story.

The author's unlimited imaginations have created different views for readers when reading the story. Besides that, the author has the ability to express his creativity by linking the characters from different locations and every character has a unique story development.

Although the storyline is interesting and slightly different from other thriller stories which I've read in the past but this will not be one of my favourites. When I was reading this book, I tend to easily get confused and need some time to follow the storyline. The story involves of too many characters and often jumps from one story to another. The author has put tremendous effort to link all the characters by adding more sub-stories to carry on the plot. The additional sub-stories which have been used to create the interconnections of different characters have increased the confusions and it makes me feel even harder to distinguish the stories of different characters.

Rating: ★★
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