The Bungalow Mystery (Nancy Drew #3), Carolyn Keene


Writer: Midred Wirt (1930).

Revised By: Patricia Doll (1960).

Nancy and Helen caught in a storm and nearly drown. Coincidentally, Laura walks along the shore and she hears their cries for help. She gets into another boat, paddles out and saves both Nancy and Helen.

After exchanging their introductions, Nancy gets to know that Laura is an orphan and she must soon meet the guardian her mother entrusted her to. However, the guardian is not all he appears. At the same time, Nancy’s father needs her help for a bank securities embezzlement case. Is there any connection between the guardian and the bank securities embezzlement case?

I felt the story didn’t match with the title ‘The Bungalow Mystery’ and should change to ‘The Missing Guardian’. The bungalow wasn’t the main subject of the story. The story is more about solving the mystery of Laura’s missing guardian.

Rating: ★★
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