Doraemon, Vol. 01 (Doraemon #1), Fujiko F. Fujio


Doraemon and Nobita's future grandson comes from the future to save his fate from causing bad life to his future defendants. Doraemon possesses many interesting gadgets to help Nobita to have a better life.

Some interesting gadgets involved in this volume include:

  • The Transformation Biscuit which transforms to animal after eating it.
  • Take-copter which allows you to fly around when attaches to the head.
  • Spy Set can be used to spy on someone and shows up on the monitor.
  • Restoring Beam can be used to repair the defective goods into reusable.
  • Kobe Abe, a flute that changes people to do something that are opposite than what they were thinking.
  • Time-ceiver - a gadget to use when you want to place an order for antiques over the phone. By speaking with staff of a second-hand shop in the future, you can buy and trade used goods from across the space-time continuum.
  • Peko Peko Grasshopper - you will apologize for all the bad things you've done.
  • Time machine which allows you to travel to the past.
  • Shadow Cutting Scissors - a gadget resembles scissors which cuts a person's shadow but must be glued back to the owner after 30 minutes or else, it will become smarter and wishes to replace the owner by transforming into them while they become the shadow.
  • Flattering Lipstick which instantly know what to say to make people happy after putting it on.
  • Computer Pencil that will write correct answers no matter what.
  • Appointment Memo Pad – write something on the notepad and it will happen.
  • Abekobe Cream or Reverse Cream which makes you feel the opposite when applied to the skin. You will feel warm when the weather is cold.
  • Aladdin’s Lamp summons a smoke-like robot genie that will grant any of his master’s wishes.
  • Umatake or Bamboo Horse is a gadget that resembles a stilt.

This manga brings back my childhood memories when most of my friends had at least one of the volumes at home.

Rating: ★★★★★
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