Assassination Classroom, Vol. 06: Swim Time (Assassination Classroom #6), Yūsei Matsui


During their time with Korosensei at the class pool, he reveals his weakness and the students planning for another assassination against him with the help of Kataoka. Although Kataoka excels in both sports and academic, she still ends up in Class E. The story slowly reveals the reasons behind of her dramatic fate.

As Kokona keeps taking advantage on Kataoka due to their past, Korosensei decides to help Kataoka by teaching Kokona in swimming. Although the environment and the teaching method seems unusual, what most important for the students is whether he can swim.

Almost the entire class interested in the assassination plan except for Terasaka. In fact, he feels jealous with all the attention given to Korosensei and he likes their old life instead of the improved grades and facilities. Terasaka who prefers their life back to normal is working together with Shiro and Itona to kill Korosensei. Will they succeed this time?

As the final exam approaching, everyone is fired up to aim high marks in their exam. Thanks to Korosensei's reward which motivates them to work harder for it. Unfortunately, they need to work way harder than their expectations as they need to face the 'Five Virtuosos' from Class A.

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Rating: ★★★
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