Fullmetal Alchemist, Vol. 2 (Fullmetal Alchemist #2), Hiromu Arakawa, Akira Watanabe


Chapter 5: The Alchemist's Suffering

Ed and Al arrive in East City to see Colonel Mustang to discuss the situation in Lior with him. Curious as to how Father Cornello had managed to create a chimera despite being a non-alchemist, the boys wonder if further research into chimeric alchemy could lead to a way to restore their bodies. As repayment for their work in Lior, Roy introduces them to Shou Tucker, a State Alchemist specializing in the creation of chimeric alchemy who had earned his certification two years prior after producing a chimera capable of human speech.

Edward explains his intentions to Tucker and, impressed with Edward's ability to survive Human Transmutation and succeed at Soul Binding at such a young age, grants the boys access to the multitude of bio-alchemical texts in his private home library. Unable to find the information they need by sundown, the brothers resolve to return the next day and continue their research.

The Elric brothers return the next day while Tucker struggling to finish his research report to remain in the State Alchemist program. However, when Tucker shows his talking chimera to them, Edward knows what happened to Tucker's wife two years ago and the missing of his daughter, Nina and the dog, Alexander.

At headquarters, Edward feels frustrated with his own limited abilities and sees himself more like a human weapon for the military.

Meanwhile, a scarred man arrives at Tucker's house to punish the alchemist who has strayed from the path of God. When he leaves, he asks God to care for the two souls that he has just sent to the afterlife.

Chapter 6:The Right Hand of Destruction

Edward woke up early after having a nightmare about his mother. At the military headquarter, he inquires about the fates of Tucker and Nina. According to Lieutenant Hawkeye, Tucker's license will be revoked and he will be put on trial at Central but unfortunately, they already died.

In the town of Lior, Lust and Gluttony watch from the church bell tower as bloody riots tear up the streets, ridiculing the citizens' foolishness. Lust and Envy discuss the news of Shou Tucker's death and the danger of allowing the elusive murderer responsible to roam free around Roy Mustang or Edward Elric, whose survival is important to their scheme, as he is apparently a "Human Sacrifice". They make plans to head to East City to investigate.

Back in East City, Hughes and Armstrong explain to Mustang that the man they've been chasing is a serial killer who appears to target State Alchemists around the country; having no identifying features to go on, save for a large X-shaped scar on his forehead, they have dubbed this curious murderer "Scar". Colonel Mustang begins to worry for Fullmetal's safety and sends some men to bring them to the headquarter.

Unfortunately, "Scar" heard their name when a military policeman with orders to escort them to return to the base. "Scar" is too strong for Edward but he keeps fighting until the end.

Chapter 7:After the Rain

Alphonse's side tore with a hole and Edward's automail arm is destroyed by Scar as well. Colonel just arrived on time before Scar kills Edward. He reveals himself as a God's messenger that carry out God's judgment. Alchemists are those that twist the natural state of creation to a degenerate form are against the God.

Once Scar knows Colonel Roy Mustang is a Flame Alchemist, it fires him up to kill the Colonel. Unfortunately, Colonel's Flame Alchemy will not work properly on a rainy day. Major Alex Louis Armstrong, the Strong Arm Alchemist comes to help. However, judging by the situation, Scar just escape via the sewer system.

Back at headquarters, Mustang explains to the Elric brothers that the region of Ishvalin the east had been the center of a civil war that had begun thirteen years ago when an Amestrian soldier accidentally shot and killed an Ishvalan child. After seven years of fighting, the State Alchemists had been sent into Ishval to end the war by eradicating all of the Ishvalans in the region. As one of the State Alchemists involved in the extermination, Colonel Mustang asserts that there may be some justice in Scar's killing spree, but Edward rebuts, saying that Scar is merely disguising his own revenge as righteousness.

Chapter 8: The Road of Hope

Edward needs to go to the mechanic to fix his arm which is located in their hometown, Liesenburgh. Most of them are busy with their work except Major Armstrong who is willing to escort him to ensure his safety. Unfortunately for Alphonse, Major Armstrong treats him as a luggage and place him in the livestock car.

During the journey, Armstrong saw Dr. Marcoh, an alchemist from Central but disappeared after the civil war. They try to look for him and hear a lot of good things about him from the villagers. When they able to track him down, he feels scared of being brought back to the Central. Armstrong calms him down and he explains the reason for his disappearance. Edward asks Dr. Marcoh for the stolen files which contain the research for the creation of the perfect philosopher's stone but Dr. Marcoh rejected his request.

Lust goes after Dr. Marcoh when she follows the Elric brothers. She threatens him to reveal the location of the hidden files. She needs to go ahead to destroy the files before the Elric brothers get the files.

Rating: ★★★★★
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