The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom - A Toltec Wisdom Book, Miguel Ruiz


I had the gut feeling that I won't like this book when I started reading it. As I continued reading this book, I feel everything doesn't seem right to me although it wasn't difficult to read nor understand. Maybe because I'm a rational and self-aware person, I feel this book probably more suitable for someone who has lost themselves or someone who needs guidance in their life.

I feel it's ironic when many self-help books received a lot of high ratings and positive reviews whereas most of us feel reading the Bible or other religious books is boring. We tend to forget that religious books can be self-help books as well. If the category 'self-help' has been changed to 'religion', will those books still able to attract the same number of readers and also receive a lot of positive reviews?

However, those are just my personal opinions about self-help books. I always believe when certain books received a lot of positive feedback, there is a certain worthiness or values which only me failed to discover them. For me, any genuine books which inspire people or change someone's life is a good book.

Besides, this book is based on ancient Toltec wisdom which also related to religious teachings. I respect other religious teachings and other readers who loved this book. I wouldn't deny that some of the things that the author mentioned are true but it's just me that couldn't understand the purpose of this book. I personally feel this is more like a self-help, self-discovery or motivational book than a spiritual or religious book.  If you read it with a neutral mind, this is an interesting book to read or a fascinating discovery of another religious teachings or wisdom. I avoid reading this book based on my personal belief or go deeper to compare with other religions. This book can be recommended for someone who needs to boost their self-esteem but it will be a dangerous book for narcissists.

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