Salvation of a Saint (Detective Galileo #5), Keigo Higashino


Ayane's mind seems distracted by the pansies but she did hear every word came from Yoshitaka. Yoshitaka has been stressing the importance of his life plan, which is to have children. From Yoshitaka's point of view, if a couple doesn't have children, there's no point staying married. Ayane used to desperate for children but she gave up the hope for quite some time and she thought her husband will be fine with it. When Ayane asks him about his love for her, he tells her that his love has never changed. Although Ayane knows it's a lie, she still happily accepted the answer.

Ayane will be going to her parent's house. She has no idea when she will be coming back but she leaves her house key to her assistant, Hiromi. On the first day without Ayane, Yoshitaka spending his time with Hiromi and told her about his conversation with Ayane on the day before. The next day, they plan to have dinner together but Yoshitaka is unreachable. When Hiromi comes to the house to look for him, she saw Yoshitaka is lying on the floor with dark liquid spilling from a coffee cup lying beside him.

The biggest reason why I always love to read Japanese crime novels is the details. Japanese mystery or crime novels always have the unexplainable attraction that makes you keep wanting more from the author. I wish there are more translated Japanese novels. You just want to keep reading and feel amazed with their level of details. You don't understand why you will miss that part and how they can come out with that level of specifics? The coffee is the main discussion of this case. The finding of two saucers can be further investigated by relating it to the victim's habit of drinking coffee without a saucer if he drinks alone. The recently washed champagne glasses are not on the shelf but the cupboard was perfectly organised and the wife is going to her parents' house that weekend. What is the connection? I really can't figure out that the recently washed champagne glasses which were not in the cupboard means the wife knows that she will be coming back soon. WHAT??!! That was the argument for the champagne glasses not on the shelf? I'm clapping my hands with astonishing face.

Another reason that I love to read Japanese crime novel is that I will never guess the real killer right. Even if I do, I never got it right on how the killer commits the crime. The authors' imaginations are always too far out. Their novels always leave me a lasting impression including this perfect crime.

Rating: ★★★★★
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