488 Rules for Life by Kitty Flanagan

This book was never on my list until recently when the author mentioned the nomination of this book. I was sceptical and still am with books written by celebrities, comedians or any famous people. I feel bad for being judgmental before I check the preview of this book. Also, I'm lucky that this book finally available in my local library recently after it has been continuously loaned by someone else.

To be honest, the first few pages already proved me wrong about my scepticism and also confirmed that my decision is right to borrow this book. I'm sorry, Kitty. I'm surprised that comedians have rules because they seem so easygoing. Rules usually associated with a serious or a boring person, and I am that type of person. The first few rules are already describing my personality. I don't like to see football jersey frame in a house. I feel it's weird that sound comes from a different place, but the object is moving on the television. I'm not into big family portraits because I feel it's a bit showing off and old-fashioned. A decent size looks comfier and more family.

No talking on the toilet. Finally, there's a woman who has the same mind as me. I despise talking on the toilet since I was a kid. I always don't understand why people around me like to do that. Why not just focus on the current task and talk later outside of the bathroom? It's not only distracting but imagine the germs go into the mouth.

At last, someone agrees that team bonding activities should be optional. I used to work in a company where the Human Resources department (or now called Talents, People or whatever the world calls now) forces employees to join team activities. Suppose you are not going to participate in the activity. They will throw their weight around, "interrogate" you, and some of the colleagues will label you as anti-social, no teamwork, not fun, and a bunch of criticism. I feel everyone has their rights and the personal choice whether they interested in joining or not. I don't see how participating or not participating in an activity can be used to evaluate someone's performance. Most important is whether the individual is available for the day or comfortable with the activity. Suppose team bonding is a mandatory thing in a company. Why not try to put a clause in the contract so that people that don't like to be forced like me would rather walk out from the interview. After all, if a company that can't respect your choice, and team bonding participation is more important than your work performance, what's the point of working there?

I wish everyone has this kind of rule book that they can refer or young parents will teach their children with all these rules. Nowadays, younger generations are roaming freely without any rules. Some parents (mostly millennial parents) don't want to set any rules for their children because they don't want their children to experience the same education as them before. I believe setting rules not only make the children a better person but also make the world a better place and lesser innocent victims to suffer from their inconsiderate behaviours. I feel every person should have some rules or certain lines need to be drawn or else they will never know the consequences or the impact of their actions which may affect others.

Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)
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