Blindsighted (Grant County, #1) by Karin Slaughter


Sara Linton is a pediatrician and coroner in Grant County, Georgia. Jeffrey Tolliver is her ex-husband and also the police chief for the town. While having lunch with her sister Tessa, she finds Sibyl Adams, a college professor, sitting on the toilet with her head tilted back against the tiled wall. Sara checks Sibyl's pulse and tries to recover her, but she is dead in the end.

Jeffrey rushes to the crime scene after he receives a call from Sara. Blood is everywhere, covering the body and also Sara's clothes. According to Sara, Sibyl was a blind person, and she definitely didn't see it coming. It was a brutal murder, and Sara assumes it's an organized murder and the murderer had a plan beforehand. Both Sara and Jeffrey believe that the murderer will kill again.

Lena is Sibyl's sister and also is a cop working under Jeffrey. Despite her sister's brutal murder, Lena insists on working on the case to find the killer. During the investigation for Sibyl's murder, the murder case is interwoven with a missing university student where Sibyl was working. Jeffrey notices the disappeared student strikes a resemblance with Sibyl.

Jeffrey seems dull and soft, struggling between two strong women, Sara and Lena. I wonder if Jeffrey has a punchable face which leads everyone to have so much unrelated personal anger towards him. Sara has so many indescribable complicated feelings for Jeffrey. Lena is ruthless, strong-headed, reckless and ashamed of her sister's homosexuality and her uncle's past drug problem.

Everyone has a lot of rage against each other and themselves. There were no likeable characters in this story, and some areas didn't make sense to me. Who will leave a stack of papers on the sink basin in the bathroom? If Sara wants to hide her past from Jeffrey, it's all right to do that, but suddenly, she has a dark past. There were no hints, and she didn't have trauma or any flashbacks when she saw the victims and their injuries. Then, she suddenly has a secret that is connected to those murders.

Everyone seems lost and unsure of what they want. I was reading about their lives, but I was as lost as them as well. It's not that I was lost with the story, but they just kept getting angry, and I don't know what they actually wanted or expected from others. Then, the dialogues are cringy, dull and repetitive, especially Jeffrey keeps calling Sara and asking her whether she's all right. And Sara seems to enjoy being desperately wanted by her ex-husband, but at the same time, she doesn't want to let him have it easy. Also, the ending was unnecessary with all the cheesy praises to Sara, and she still sticks with that attitude until the end. I know this was published in 2001, and I guess it's not going well with the time.

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9780061796814 (eBook) 464 ★ (1/5)
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