Monster: Perfect Edition, Vol. 3 (Kanzenban #3) by Naoki Urasawa (Creator), Camellia Nieh (Translator)


Tenma is seeking advice from his former classmate Dr Rudi Gillen, a psychoanalyst specialising in criminal psychology. Tenma wants to know whether Johan has multiple personalities, as he claims he is. Rudi, who has always been jealous of Tenma's success since their university time, secretly concludes that Tenma is a serial killer and is interested in continuing to study him if he is captured by the police.

At the same time, Rudi is analysing a serial killer called Jurgens. The serial killer was instructed to commit the twelfth murder, which he calls a "Monster". A stranger sent him a letter every week, and soon they became friends. The most horrific thing for Jurgens is that his friend prepared a similar background in the basement, which relates to the serial killer's abusive childhood.

The truth about the murder of Fortners or Nina's foster parents is revealed in the story. Nina has to convince the killer to make a confession, but the killer is once again threatened by his bodyguard, who turns out to be working for the organisation, which has been taking care of his crime all this time.

Meanwhile, Tenma's ex-fiance Eva has hit rock bottom and still living her life with complicated feelings for Tenma. While the hitman Roberto is looking for the missing photos from Eva's album, Eva wants to exchange those hidden photos with the information about Tenma's whereabouts.

This volume ends with a new side story of a university student called Karl. He visits Schuwald, a blind billionaire, every Tuesday to read books to him to earn extra money for himself. Then, he finds out that the billionaire has a past relationship with his biological mother, who has already passed away. The strangest thing is another woman is impersonating his mother, blackmailing the billionaire, and another young guy who reads to Schuwald on Thursdays claims that he is the billionaire's illegitimate son.

This is getting complicated as the number of cases and characters keeps increasing every few chapters. Sometimes, I've forgotten who relates to which case and the character's background. I think jotting down some of the details is helpful for me to reduce my confusion and to understand the story.

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9781421569086 (Paperback) 430 ★★★★★ (5/5)
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