Monster: Perfect Edition, Vol. 4 (Kanzenban #4) by Naoki Urasawa (Creator), Camellia Nieh (Translator)


This volume begins with Richard, a former police officer receiving counselling sessions due to alcoholism. His alcohol issue had caused him to lose his job and be separated from his family. He is currently working as a private investigator and investigating Karl Neuman, who claimed himself as the son of the billionaire Hans Georg Schuwald.

Richard finally finds the truth about the incident, which has haunted him for many years. After he successfully remained sober and fully recovered, he found the vital link from those unsolved murder cases which occurred when he was in the police force. His continuous investigation into those cases leads him to experience a few mysterious incidents that almost cost him his life.

At the same time, Dr Gillen is questioning whether the serial killer Jurgens recognises Johan's photo, which triggers Jurgens to do the unthinkable. When Richard's doctor Dr Reichwein is trying to warn him for his safety, Richard is confronted by Johan. Johan is playing a mind game with Richard and forces him to face the truth of his past. The story then shifted to Dr Reichwein, who also investigating the series of unsolved murder cases.

This volume focuses more on Johan and how others (besides Tenma) are tracking his past. The storyline is getting complicated and entangled among several cases connected to each other. It's getting creepier as readers learn more about Johan. This volume showcases one of his tactics in manipulating someone's mind to get what he wants. Before this, readers were usually surrounded with mysteries and led to believe Johan is the suspect or mastermind, but we never know how he actually works on his victim. I felt this volume is to clarify what happened to the investigation and people who are investigating or involved in the murder cases so far.

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9781421569093 (Paperback) 412 ★★★★ (4/5)
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