Monster: Perfect Edition, Vol. 7 (Kanzenban #7) by Naoki Urasawa (Creator), Camellia Nieh (Translator)


While Suk is in the hospital, two detectives inform him that his name has been cleared of Detective Zeman's and other officers' murder. They received a confession letter about the details of the murders.

Gunter Milch committed a series of robberies in 1988. He was recaptured for various robberies after every time he successfully escaped from prison. When the prison guards ask Tenma to treat Gunter's illness, he knows Gunter is faking it. Gunter shares his background and offers Tenma a chance to escape.

Fritz Verdemann, son of an alleged spy, is a stellar lawyer with a flawless record of exonerations. Alfred Baur asks Verdemann whether he is interested in working with him to defend Tenma. Baur intends to kill Eva because what Eva witnessed will prove the existence of Johan.

Tenma arrives at the Red Rose Mansion, but it is too late. General Wolf is bedridden at the hospital and wants to meet Tenma. General Wolf tells Tenma about the incident at the mansion in 1981 and how he found the twins at the Czech border. He urges Tenma to save Eva as quick as he can.

Towards the end, the story shifted three months ago when a stranger hired Martin to bring Eva back to Frankfurt before returning to the present state. This volume ends with Martin being severely injured, and blaming women brings trouble. He is driven to the hospital but insists on meeting Tenma first. He has an important story to tell Tenma, and he blames the tie that was bought by Eva, which caused him to witness a horrific incident.

It seems every new character will pour out their soul to Tenma on their first meeting, regardless of the situation. I guess he has the ability to make anyone put their complete trust in him even after they know he is a wanted criminal.

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9781421569123 (Paperback) 416 ★★★★★ (5/5)
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