Monster: Perfect Edition, Vol. 8 (Kanzenban #8) by Naoki Urasawa (Creator)


This volume begins with how Martin met Tenma before the mysterious incident which severely injured him, as told at the end of the previous book. Initially, Martin hates Tenma, but after answering a series of questions about Eva, he realises that Eva is in danger and rushes to rescue her. Martin knows too much about the Red Rose Mansion and reveals to Tenma that the devil has an apprentice. Besides the apprentice, he mentions that someone is trying to control the devil, but the devil is too powerful for him.

Verdemann travels all the way to Prague to continue to find the truth. Detective Suk is assigned to work with him. They are working together to ask questions from the victims who used to participate in a "reading group" at the Red Rose Mansion. When one of the witnesses mentions that someone came from a radio station, Verdemann is triggered by the information and wants to know more about the person. Both Verdemann and Suk are persistent in finding the truth about the case to clear the names of those wrongly accused and the death of innocent people.

With the help of Dr Gillen, Nina remembers everything that happened in Prague. Nina leaves Munich to save and reveal the entire story to Tenma. Peter Capek sends his people to take Nina as a hostage for his safety.

Towards the end, we finally have a brief family background of Johan's and Nina's parents. The incredible story about their past also explains why Johan is looking for Franz Bonaparta. The book ends with the twins' reunion while Tenma is rushing to the scene to finish what he has to do.

This volume focuses on the recovery of Nina's memory and the background of Peter Capek, who wants to control the devil. Both stories are related, and they are getting closer to the truth. The story's progress also comes with several twists, including the twins' parents and the appearance of Johan's apprentice.

After seven volumes with Tenma has saved so many lives, it's the first time that there is a life that Tenma couldn't save. It's also the first time someone couldn't be manipulated by the devil. I loved that there was a change in the story. This shows that Tenma is just a human and the devil is not invincible.

Martin will be one of my favourite characters from this manga. He has a cool face with a unique personality. He looks ruthless from the outside but has a kind heart and a sad past. It's a character with so many layers to discover as the reader continuously reads the story.

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9781421569130 (Paperback) 424 ★★★★★ (5/5)
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