Monster: Perfect Edition, Vol. 9 (Kanzenban #9) by Naoki Urasawa (Creator)


Johan begins his story of what happened and what he saw after he was taken from the apartment under the three frogs sign. He witnessed the death of forty-two people in the room at the mansion, leaving Franz Bonaparta as the sole survivor.

The story takes a turn when the one who witnessed the horrific scene is not the one that everyone thinks of. Someone else's memory has been duplicated into Johan.

Peter reveals the whereabouts of Franz Bonaparta's son, and Johan is going to put an end to it. While Nina is recovering in the hospital, she tells Tenma about Johan's history recreation plan. Tenma looks for Lipski to get the whereabouts of Franz Bonaparta, and he has to be fast to prevent the loss of hundreds of lives.

Meanwhile, Detective Lunge and Grimmer arrive at Rudenheim. Both sense that a horrible massacre will occur there soon. In the town, mysterious death begins as different residents struggle with their personal problems. An old couple who just won a lottery with the help of a friend. Would they kill their friend so they can keep the money? A small boy with a drunkard father often got bullied by a group of rascals. Would he kill the group of bullies? The mysterious deaths and a stranger passing some guns to the troubled residents begin the chain reaction of a town massacre.

While the town is scattered with dead bodies, Nina and Dr Gillen rush to Rudenheim. Nina believes that Johan is erasing the existence of his memory by getting rid of the people that knew him. At the same time, Tenma arrives at Rudenheim and tries to rescue a group of women and children to a safer place.

I never expected the story would have an ambiguous ending. I am slightly disappointed with the ending, although I don't know what kind of ending I would expect to be. It's probably the combination of the mystery, tension and suspense which had been building up since the beginning, leading me to have a high expectation for the story's closure. Anyway, I still love and tremendously enjoy the story. It's a memorable storyline with a forgettable ending.

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9781421569147 (Paperback) 470 ★★★★ (4/5)
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