The Secrets of a Fire King, Kim Edwards


This book contains of fourteen different stories. Each story contains an eccentric character and most of the stories are very random. Sometimes, I don't really understand what is the main idea that the author wants to tell to the readers. The stories were written in simple English with complicated plots. Some of the random stories are such as rats, birthday invitation, parachute, gold digging, and garden.

I feel none of the stories are interesting and I don't understand what is the conclusion of those stories or what the author wants the readers to understand from those stories. I couldn't find any interesting stories in this book. Also, it seems all the men in the story are bad and all the women are victims or experiencing difficult life. Most of the stories were quite depressing.

I struggled my way to finish this book and tried to finish it as soon as possible so I can read a better book after this. My conclusion about this book: simple English with complicated plots, random stories, weird characters, depressing, difficult to understand and no clear theme in each story.

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