Bloodland, Alan Glynn


This story connects three different roles and several places. A private security contractor who loses his life in Congo, an ex-prime minister of Ireland struggles to bury a dark secret, and a suspicious injury which recently happens to a US senator who begins his presidential campaign. How these three stories are being connected and what connects them? Although it looks nothing unusual but a young journalist able to connect the dots when he investigates the death of a tabloid star. What is the hidden truth about this conspiracy?

The author did a great job to keep the story going but as some of the readers mentioned in their reviews on Goodreads, it was a bit boring and wish the story can speed up a little. The story is too long and the pace is slow. It was quite tiring for me when reading the book. Besides, I was a bit confused as it involves of too many characters and different places. This would make a better movie than a book and easier to be understood as well.

Rating: ★★
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