The Common Lawyer, Mark Gimenez


Andy Prescott is a traffic lawyer who operates a small office above a run-down tattoo parlour. He likes to ride his bike and drinks beer with his friends. He is not an ambitious lawyer and prefers to take things easy.

However, life changes when billionaire Russell Reeves walks into his office. Russell Reeves hires Andy as his lawyer to help him to get the SoCo locals to support his redevelopment of run-down buildings into low rent houses. Andy is so excited with the life transformation and earning more money than he has ever had in his life. After Andy successfully convincing the locals for the redevelopment, Russell needs his help to investigate his seventeen former girlfriends and pay them with one million if they have any difficulties in their life. Things are getting strange when Andy finds out more sick kids raised by those women. He began to question Russell's reasons for looking for those women. As things unfold, Andy finds himself caught in a legal and ethical dilemma. What is the motive behind Russell for finding those women and how they can help Russell to save his son who is dying of a rare cancer? Is there any connections between those sick children and Russell's son? What will Andy choose in the end – money or justice?

The plot is quite good and the characters are interesting. I liked the sequence of the story and how it slowly leads the readers to find out the truth. I'm looking forward to reading other books from this author. The only thing I don't like about this book is the excessive detailed descriptions of the geography of Texas. As a non-American reader, it's quite boring and hard to imagine or understand those descriptions. I hope other books do not have overly descriptive details about places.

Rating: ★★
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