Motion to Suppress (Nina Reilly #1), Perri O'Shaughnessy


Misty Patterson works as a barmaid at a casino in Lake Tahoe. Returning from her late shift, she accidentally struck her violently jealous husband during a heated argument. Before she falls asleep after the accident, her husband is still alive but disappears the next day. She can’t remember what happens next after she struck him. When the police inform her that they found her husband’s body in a lake, she indirectly admitted that she killed her husband even though she can’t remember what happens on that night.

Nina Reilly is an attorney from San Francisco and just relocated to lake Tahoe after experiencing a bad marriage. When Misty Patterson walks in the door, a blond Barbie doll of a cocktail waitress accused of murder, Nina knows this will be a challenging and tough path for them. Is Misty really kills her husband and lies to Nina or the murderer is someone else?

The story started in an interesting way but there were too many details of the emotions which made me easily get bored with it. Also, the legal and courtroom aspects were overly used and having too much of legal terms can kill the story no matter how good is the plot.

Rating: ★★★
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