They're Watching, Gregg Hurwitz


Patrick Davis is experiencing problems with his marriage and work. In addition to that, he discovers that he is being watched when he starts receiving DVDs with recordings of him and his estranged wife. Then, he receives emails from someone who offers to fix everything. Who are they? What they expect from him and most importantly, why him?

When I first started this book, the story wasn’t too bad and I have rated it with three stars. However, as the book went on, I lost my interest and hard to focus on my reading. It was getting more confusing and I felt I was being led in a zig-zag direction. The direction kept changing and the author seems trying hard to build up the suspense.

When I reached the part which explained the reasons behind of all these messes, my mind was like “why I’m reading this?”. That was came from nowhere. There were a lot of irrelevant details in the story and unnecessary moves taken by the main character. The story involved several dramas and the causes behind of all these didn’t sound convincing to me. Maybe I need to reconsider whether I should continue to include the ‘The Survivor’ in my reading list as the author’s writing style seems difficult for me to understand the story.

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