The Mystery at Lilac Inn (Nancy Drew #4), Carolyn Keene


Writer: Midred Wirt (1930).

Revised By: Patricia Doll (1961).

Nancy and her friend Helen travel to a historic inn and resort owned by Emily and her fiancé, Dick, which will serve as their livelihood after marriage. Nancy is called home to investigate a break-in of her own bedroom, and discovers that her card is stolen. There is someone out there is impersonating her.

Nancy returns to the inn only to see Emily’s diamonds stolen during a blackout during her 21st birthday dinner. She needs to help her friend to find out who stole the diamonds. Is the impersonator relates to the stolen diamonds or there are two different cases appear at the same time?

I feel this story is way better than the previous three books. This story is more adventurous and mature and Nancy experiences more dangers compared to the previous three stories.

Rating: ★★★
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