Assassination Classroom, Vol. 10: Robber Time (Assassination Classroom #10), Yūsei Matsui


A mistake in the production adjustment by the government causes the increasing of hens and surplus of eggs need to be discarded. In order to avoid the wastage, Kayano Kaede comes out with an assassination plan which involves eggs. One of Korosensei's weaknesses is dessert. What will happen if a giant pudding appears in front of him? That's what he always wanted to have, as he mentioned to Kayano before.

The second semester's practical assassination training will be the foundation of freerunning. Korosensei wants to play the cops and robbers game where the students will utilize the learned technique and hide throughout the mountain. He will appear at the last minute for the fairness of the game. What will be other Korosensei's weaknesses which manipulated by the students to save their classmates from the "jail cell"?

An underwear thief recently appears in the city and the description matches with Korosensei's physical attributes. Is Korosensei really an underwear thief?

The entire class is trying to help Itona back to the right path after being abandoned by his master. Finally, unexpected words come from an unexpected person able to calm him down to become a normal human.

Rating: ★★★★
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