Poirot Investigates (Hercule Poirot #3), Agatha Christie


The Adventure of the Western Star

Poirot receives a visit from Miss Mary Marvell, the famous American film star on her visit to London. She has received three letters, handed to her by a Chinese man, which warn her to return her fabulous diamond jewel, the "Western Star", to where it came from. Her husband, Gregory Rolf, who bought it from a Chinese man in San Francisco, gave Mary the jewel three years ago. Lady Yardly also has a similar diamond jewel, the Star of the East and she also receives similar letters as well. When both diamonds missing in less than 24 hours, who is the real culprit behind the entire plan?
Rating: 4/5

The Tragedy at Marsdon Manor

The Northern Union Insurance Company requested for Poirot's help to investigate the death of a Mr. Maltravers who insured his life with a large sum of fifty thousand pounds a few weeks ago. The cause of death is described as haemorrhage but the deceased was experiencing bankruptcy and there's a possibility that it was a suicide. He has a beautiful young wife which probably the reason that he has insured his life a few weeks ago for the benefit of his wife.
Rating: 4/5

The Adventure of the Cheap Flat

Mrs. Robinson tells Hastings and his friend that she and her husband have managed to obtain a flat in Knightsbridge for a very attractive price. A few strange incidents occurred when Mrs. Robinson visits the place. After hearing the details from Hastings, Poirot is curious about the unusual cheap rent and interested to know further. They rented another flat in the building to investigate the case.
Rating: 4/5

The Mystery of Hunter's Lodge

Roger Havering pays a visit to Poirot when Poirot is not feeling well. Roger tells Hastings that he needs Poirot to go to Derbyshire with him after he received a telegram from his wife about the murder of his uncle. Since Poirot is still sick, Hastings needs to go to Derbyshire with Havering on behalf of Poirot. The housekeeper tells Hastings about what happened the night before. The shooting probably relates to a man who quarrels with his master before he dies. Havering has a shady past but the police have verified that he was at the train station when the incident took place.
Rating: 4/5

The Million Dollar Bond Robbery

Poirot receives a visit from Miss Esmee Farquhar, fiance of Mr. Philip Ridgeway. Ridgeway is the nephew of Mr. Vavasour, the joint general manager of the London and Scottish Bank and a million dollars of bonds have gone missing whilst in his care. Miss Farquhar asks Poirot to prove his innocence. Ridgeway tells the entire story again with more details to Poirot and Hastings during lunch. According to Ridgeway, the bonds were counted in Ridgeway's presence in London, sealed in a packet and then put in his portmanteau that had a special lock on it. The packet disappeared just a few hours before the liner on which Ridgeway was traveling, the Olympia, docked in New York. The thief was selling the bonds in New York so quickly that one dealer swears to buy some bonds before the ship docked. Later, they go to the head office of the London and Scottish Bank and the dock for further information.
Rating: 3/5

The Adventure of the Egyptian Tomb

Poirot is asked by Lady Willard, widow of the famous Egyptologist, Sir John Willard to investigate the strange series of deaths which follows upon the discovery and opening of the Tomb of King Men-her-Ra. He was the archaeologist on the excavation of the tomb of the Pharaoh Men-her-Ra together with an American financier, Mr. Bleibner. Both men died within a fortnight of each other, Sir John of heart failure and Mr. Bleibner of blood poisoning. A few days later Mr. Bleibner's nephew, Rupert, shot himself and the press is full of stories of an Egyptian curse. Lady Willard is worried about her son's safety who interested to take over her husband's work.
Rating: 2/5

The Jewel Robbery at the Grand Metropolitan

Poirot and Hastings are staying at the Grand Metropolitan hotel in Brighton where they meet Mr. and Mrs. Opalsen. He is a rich stockbroker who amassed a fortune in the oil boom and his wife collects jewellery using the proceeds. She offers to show Poirot her pearls and goes to fetch them from her room but the pearls have been stolen. After she tells the entire story to Poirot, both the maid and chambermaid start to argue and accusing each other. It's a spontaneous thing to do since they become the main suspect as they were required to stay in the room the whole time.
Rating: 4/5

The Kidnapped Prime Minister

One evening, when Poirot and Hastings were discussing the news regarding the attempt of assassination of Prime Minister, they were visited by two important people: Lord Estair, Leader of the House of Commons and Bernard Dodge, a member of the War Cabinet. They enlist Poirot to help with a national crisis – the Prime Minister has been kidnapped. The presence of Prime Minister at Allied Conference which will be held the next day is extremely crucial. Unfortunately, the Prime Minister is being kidnapped by a bogus car. Who will be the main culprit - the driver who is also a CID or the secretary?
Rating: 3/5

The Disappearance of Mr. Davenheim

After attending a magic show, Poirot, Hastings, and Japp were discussing the disappearance of Mr. Davenheim, a banker and financier. Mr. Davenheim mentioned that he wants to post some letters but he never comes back since then.
Rating: 3/5

The Adventure of the Italian Nobleman

They are having conversations with their neighbor, Dr. Hawker at Poirot's house when suddenly Dr. Hawker's maid comes over and informs them that his patient called and asked for help. They rush to the patient's flat but he already died and the dining table leaves three unfinished meals.
Rating: 3/5

The Lost Mine

Poirot and Hastings are discussing investments and Poirot inform Hastings that he has no interest in those except for fourteen thousand shares in Burma Mines Ltd which were given to him as a gift for services rendered.

The mines in question were originally silver mines, discovered by the Chinese in the fifteenth century. The silver was all worked out but plenty of lead remained, not considered being of value at the time but definitely worthy of exploitation at the time of the story. The mine itself was lost, the only clue to its location being old papers in the hands of a Chinese family. The head of the family, Wu Ling, agreed to negotiate a sale of the papers and traveled to England to complete the transaction. Wu Ling was supposed to be met by one of the syndicate company directors, Mr. Pearson, in Southampton but his train there was delayed with the result that Wu Ling made his own way to London where he booked into the Hotel Russell Square and telephoned the company to say that he would see them the next day. He failed to appear at the meeting and the hotel was contacted. They said Wu Ling had gone out earlier with a friend. He still failed to appear at the offices throughout the day. The police were contacted and the next evening the Chinaman's body was found floating in the Thames.
Rating: 2/5

The Chocolate Box

Paul Déroulard, a French Deputy who was living in Brussels, had died from heart failure. At a time of strife over the separation of church and state, M. Déroulard was a key player as an anti-Catholic and a potential minister. He lived in a Brussels home that his late wife left him. He had a reputation as a ladies' man. Mademoiselle Virginie Mesnard, a cousin of his late wife, asks Poirot to investigate.
Rating: 3/5

Rating: ★★★★
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