Jennifer, Hecate, Macbeth, William McKinley, and Me, Elizabeth, E.L. Konigsburg


Elizabeth begins her story with how she meets Jennifer who introduced herself as a witch. Jennifer is a cool girl and always does things in her own way.

The friendship progresses further when Jennifer asks Elizabeth to join her for the Halloween's trick or treat. Jennifer decided to make Elizabeth an apprentice witch. On the first week of the apprenticeship, Elizabeth has to eat a raw egg every day and leaves some kind of food by the Jennifer tree as well. During the apprenticeship, Elizabeth needs to eat different food and leaves some requested food for Jennifer every week. They also have a weekly meeting in the library on Saturday morning.

They read books about witchcraft and there are certain things that you can can't do as an apprentice witch. They plan to make a flying ointment but when the main ingredient involves their best friend, a toad with the name of Hilary Ezra, this will be the biggest test of their friendship.

I quite liked the ending when it reveals the real identity of Jennifer's mysterious background throughout the entire story. Jennifer has a really cool personality which made her my most favorite character from this book. Although there were not many characters exist in this story but overall, I really enjoyed reading the story as an adult. The story about Jennifer is unusual but interesting and Elizabeth is a great storyteller as well.

The long title has explained the entire story which involves of the narrator herself, Elizabeth and her friendship with Jennifer and both of them are studying at William McKinley school. Jennifer likes to read Macbeth and Hecate appears in Macbeth which relates to magic and witchcraft.

Rating: ★★★
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