Mixed Vegetables Vol. 7, Ayumi Komura


Every year, Ashitaba's pastry shop will be closed for a week, and Ashitaba's family together with Maezawa's family will go to France for training combines with vacation. This year, Ashitaba is reluctant to go, but she doesn't know how to tell her father since he is so eager for the trip.

Ashitaba's father knows that she might be reluctant to go to France this year since she is so eager to stay in the sushi restaurant to work for her dream. So, he asks Maezawa to go to the sushi restaurant to talk to her about it. After a serious debate among themselves, a decision has made. Ashitaba will be staying at Hyuuga's house while her family is not around and she also can focus on training up her skill in sushi-making for the entire week. At the same time, Hyuuga will be going to France with Ashitaba's family.

When Hyuuga and Natsume (Ashitaba's younger brother) are waiting for Maezawa, he is surprised that Maezawa comes with his wife because Hyuuga feels that he always acts flirtatious towards Ashitaba. Meanwhile, Ashitaba just only know that Hyuuga's birthday is on the day he returns from France. She is eager to learn from the chef (Hyuuga's father) to make a special dish for Hyuuga on his birthday. However, she needs to present an impressive dish to the chef before he agrees to teach her.

Meanwhile, Hyuuga is busy tasting different pastries from various shops with Ashitaba's father and Maezawa. Ashitaba's father has an exceptional talent by replicating the cakes that they had eaten. He will analyse all the data that he finds when creating a new pastry. Since Ashitaba always wants to become a sushi chef and Hyuuga wants to become a pastry chef, Ashitaba's father now chooses Hyuuga instead of Ashitaba to accompany him to go to France to open a pastry shop there.

Rating: ★★
Previous volume: Mixed Vegetables Vol. 6.
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