The Ninth Hour, Alice McDermott


This story focuses on Sally, who grows up in a convent after her father committed suicide, leaving her mother as a widow before Sally was born.

Growing up in the convent has piqued her interest to become a nun. Her mother refuses to let her go until she was reminded of her sin and sending her daughter to become a nun probably is the best way for the redemption of her sin.

Unfortunately, during the trip to Chicago, Sally never expects that she needs to face a series of test given by God, which is way too soon than what she imagines. Within 48 hours, she returns to the place where she comes from and accidentally finds out her mother's secret. Her mother's dark secret, a mortal sin that requires Sally to do penance for her beloved mother.

I was expecting something totally different after reading the synopsis, but it wasn't what I thought. I felt it was quite creative for the author that came out such a story, but I'm sorry to say that her writing style made me stumble in reading the book. It can be confusing sometimes as the flow of the story didn't go well and lead to somewhere else. Also, I'm not sure why I always feel something is missing in the story, but I couldn't figure out what was it.

Rating: ★★
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